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The digital era is making it easy the task of searching for needed information whatever the purpose of the task is. However, for academic research purpose, it was traditionally an accepted practice to look for printed materials as information obtained online was deemed sub-standard and unreliable for such serious undertakings.

Heeding the call for environmental protection, various initiatives have been implemented and one is the shift to reduction of use of paper for the effect of tree saving. In this trend, organisations have begun to provide e-versions of their publication for the twin benefit of saving trees from paper making, and time and cost of traveling to libraries and other resource places to search for information.
This attempt receives much applause from readers. However, online search, though more convenient than physical library visits, sometimes returns a labyrinth of results through which the researchers have to sieve for the relevant information.

This e-resource is a collection of materials including articles, conference papers and presentations, research reports, documents, journals and books related specifically to lifelong learning for share with researchers, academics, policy makers, and others who have a scholastic passion in the big issue of lifelong learning development.

Resources in the e-library are categorised into different aspects of education that are connected to lifelong learning. Searches can be performed by framing queries about titles, authors and years of publication. They can also be done via the categories provided. Results can be read online, or downloaded to a personal device like laptops or mobile phones for reading later.

This e-resource is part of the Southeast Asia Lifelong Learning Portal, which was officially inaugurated by HE Dr Teerakiat Jareonsettasin, then SEAMEO Council President, in a formal ceremony at SEAMEO CELLL on 06 March 2017.